I am Balaji Kumar Bandla. After my apprenticeship as a Pharmaceutical Manager I ran my own Pharmaceutical Business in Banglore India.
My search for new challenges and the associated change brought me closer to the people and their innermost needs for holistic healing. So I started to study the harmony between body, mind and soul.
From 2010 to 2013, I did various training courses in the medical wellness sector.
During a Vacation trip in Australia Queens land I got to know the traditional healing arts of Ayurveda and was initiated into the power of Reiki. This holistic approach to harmonize body, mind and soul impressed me so much that after my return to India. I well trained as an Ayurveda practitioner.
My deepest need is to show an alternative way to people like you in this hectic and fast-paced world of performance and other challenges: Let me show you how you can feel holistically healthy and happy - with Happy Ayurveda.
Best regards
Your's Balu.

Master Of Business Administration In Marketing & HR And done more than 18 Diploma's In Wellness Massages.
One Year Diploma in
MSc Psychology Arden University UK
-Diploma in Tulip International (India)
-Diploma in Massage Therapy GCTA Australia
-Diploma in Bali Bisa in Indonesia
-Diplom in American massage therapy association
-Diploma in Marisa Berti in Valencia Spain
-Diploma's in Zoneriflesse Massage School Italy
-Diploma in : New Skill Academy (USA) Specially trained in Vertebral Techniques , (MFR )Myofascial release & Deep connective Massages .
- Training as Massage Therapist
- Training as a Fitness & Nutrition Consultant
- Training in the application of various wellness massages & Spa services
- Training as a Acupressure Therapist
-Training as a Thai Foot Reflexology Therapist
- Training as a Yoga Therapist
- Training as a Counsiler
- Training as a Wellness Coach


My name is Balu.

I am the owner of the Vins International Wellness massage &Spa studio since April 2009 and an expert in All Massages. Internationally trained. Done more than 18 Diploma's in different Countrie's in Massage Therapy.


Convince yourself of my expertise.
Currently we only offer single massages.
During the treatment, I do not make phone calls.
I am happy to call you back immediately.
Please leave a message on my waatsapp.